LEICA Builder 100 THEODOLITE Series

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৳ 1.00

  • BUILDER 109 SET, Theodolite
  • BUILDER 106 SET, Theodolite
  • Package includes
  • Leica Builder 100 Theodolite
  • Laser plummet
  • 1 keyboard
  • Tribrach
  • Li-Ion battery
  • Charger
  • User manual
  • Carry case
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Leica Builder 100 – if you need to trust angles and alignments

With a laser plummet for simple and fast setup over control line, dual axis compensation for accurate plumbing, endless drives eliminating steps, audible notice for 90” turns, graphical leveling aid for fast and convenient setup and IP55 rating, the Leica Builder 100 is an outstanding theodolite.

Leica Builder Series

For anybody working on or around a site with the need of a simple, intuitive, yet innovative, long-lasting and powerful measuring tool.

With the Leica Builder, Leica Geosystems has designed a perfectly tailored tool for every construction job. Regardless of your prefession. Builder will amazingly accelerate your work flow. From simple tasks to professional all-day use, the Builder Series offers a scalable product family that exactly meets your needs.

Because Leica Geosystems understands the way Builders built!

LEICA Builder 100 THEODOLITE Series Price in Bangladesh BD

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Need High Quality Equipment for TS Total Station

Reasonable Price in Bangladesh

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2 reviews for LEICA Builder 100 THEODOLITE Series

  1. Tuhin Khan

    Builder 100 THEODOLITE Series

  2. sumon Surveyer

    Nice quality 👍

    • MR. Shagor KhaN

      thanks 🙏🙏

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